Why Hale Orb?

Memories bringthe Family Together

Hale Orb (pronounced “ha-leh”, meaning "home" in Hawaiian) is an ergonomic and beautiful remote that allows you and your loved ones to browse through the family's collective shared photos and videos on any large screen TV.

HDTV Compatible

View in details

Stop squinting at the tiny screen in your hand. Instead, comfortably view your memories, shared by your friends and family in remote places, on the largest screen in your home.

Easy Uploads

Use all your favorite apps

Share your photos using popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Photos, and even email and more. The Hale Orb automatically aggregates those photos to be shown in one place for you.


Spin, push, and shake!

Browse thousands of images quickly by turning the Hale Orb and view them in detail by just pushing it. Mom can even lightly shake the Orb to let her loved ones know how much she liked certain photos and videos.

Light it up!

Get Notified

The Hale Orb lights up to let your loved ones know when a new moment arrives from you.

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Creator's Note

At the core we want to allow families and close friends to share moments they might be missing out on, in a non-intimidating way. We understand that people have different ways of sharing their photos so we allow many ways to upload content, including Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or Email. We aren't forcing people to do something different or disrupt their current behavior.
– Ken Miura, Creator of Hale Orb

Have questions? We have answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Hale Orb is designed to work in a simple, non- intimidating and elegant way.

Hale Orb is the next generation of connected smart devices known as Enchanted Objects: Smart objects that blend fashion and our everyday lives. Hale Orb provides true instant access and ease of navigation through unlimited images. It requires no technical sophistication by the viewer and lets you know when others are viewing your photos/videos.

Hale Orb solves the problem of increasing complexity in accessing photos and videos of loved ones.

Hale Orb is the “personality” – a decorative object that contains a scrolling wheel and push button for browsing pictures on the TV. Tap the Orb to turn it on, and it also turns the TV on/off. You cannot upload photos with the Orb, its for viewing only.

Hale stick is the “brains” – it plugs into the HDMI port on a TV and acts as a computer. It will automatically go to the correct TV input and connects to Wifi, serving as a constant Internet connection.

DouZen’s cloud server manages all of the images and content, which are stored in the cloud, not on the stick.

Charging station for Halē Orb battery – Hale Orb is like a remote control and wont need to charge all of the time; it is designed to only need charging about once a month.

Hale Orb is personal and private unlike Facebook
Hale Orb lets you view more than one photo at a time
Hale Orb lets you view photos on a large screen

Desktop screensavers/slideshows are limited to your own personal photos while Halē Orb incorporates photos from other members of your family

Hale Orb is a solution to “app fatigue” – all photos are stored in the cloud and accessible via the Hale Orb device.

The Hale Orb is like a remote control and wont need to charge all of the time; it is designed to only need charging about once a month.