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Hale Orb Web Q&A


What does it do?

Hale Orb makes it very easy for family members to share their memories together, by allowing different apps to connect and providing a very easy to use large screen TV experience

How does it work? How is it connected to the TV?

The computer stick is placed into the HDMI input of the TV. The stick connects to the Internet. Also, the Orb is connected to the stick with Bluetooth and controls the application.

Is this product mainly for family?

Hale Orb is a product designed to provide a new form of family communication. However, we believe the product has potential beyond the family scenario and are working with partners to explore those use cases.

Is this product only for seniors?

It's designed to handle a wide range of age and skill level easily. However, we don'tnecessarily considered it to be exclusively for the seniors.

Where are the photos stored?

They are stored in our cloud based Orb Central web service.

Does the service support only photos?

Currently it supports photos only. We are woring on an update to support videos.

How do I know my stick has been updated?

It's automatically updated. Currently the only way to check is by the system info and our announcement via email.

What are the differences among mobile web, desktop web, and mobile app (iOS)

Please see the comparison chart.

Desktop website Mobile website Mobile app
(iOS only for now)
Channel owner Invited user Channel owner Invited user Channel owner Invited user
Register o o o o x x
Login / Logout o o o o o o
Upload photo o o o o o o
Smart share o o x x x x
Delete photo o x o x x x
Download photo x x x x o o
Like / Dislike o o o o x x
Add caption o o
(Only own photo)
o o
(Only own photo)
(Only single photo uploading)
(Only single photo uploading)
Edit caption o o
(Only own photo)
o o
(Only own photo)
x x
Manage channel o x o x x x
Manage orb o x o x x x
Manage accounnt o x o x x x

How long will the battery last?

Currently the Orb should last about a week before needing a charge. We will continue to improve the battery life as much as possible.

How do I know if the Orb is fully charged?

We are planing to display a message on TV and notify by voice or light, but it's not implemented yet.

Is the product shipping?

The product has been shipped to our crowdfunding backers already in March of 2018. We are currently not shipping to general consumers at the moment.

Is it HDMI CEC compatible? What can I do with it?

Hale Orb is compatible with HDMI CEC and should work with most TVs that support this feature. For example, after the Orb has not been active for 3 minutes and the TV is in sleep mode or is set to another channel, pushing the Orb can wake up the TV to dispaly the correct HDMI channel used by the stick, displaing our application. Also, the TV remote control should be function to control the Hale Orb UI (LEFT, RIGHT, and SELECT). There are some known issues to please see TROUBLESHOOTING if it does not work.


How much is this product?

The price is not yet determined for the general consumer market.

Is there a monthly subscription?

No there is not subscription fee currently. We may set upload limitation and charge for extra storage space for video in the future.


How to get started after opening the box?

Setup Guide and What’s Included (PDF)

Is the Orb battery powered?

Yes, the Orb has a rechargeable battery that is charged via the wireless charging pad. You just place the Orb on the pad and it will start charging.

How do you charge the Orb?

Charging pad has one LED in the front. It is usually green when plugged in. When the Orb is on the right place (center of the pad), it will turn blue.

When does the Orb light up?

Currently the Orb will glow blue when trying to connec to a stick. Once it's connected, the blue light should disappear.

What do the Orb's different light pattern mean?

Currently, an unpaired / unconnected Orb will glow blue while on the charging pad. There will be other patterns via updates for battery life and notification.

Channel and Sharing

What is a channel?

Channels are similar to "albums". They can be shared with others so that others can view and upload photos. You can create multiple channels and share with different people.

How can I invite others to my channel?

You can invite your friend and family by email. Follow below direction.

  1. Login to Orb Central(
  2. Select the channel to which you want to invite friends and family, or create a new one
  3. Select the "Membesr" button on the top right conner
  4. Find "Invite new user"
  5. Enter email address of the person you want to invite
  6. Invited user must create a Orb Central account (free) to see your channel (*)

(*) If the invited user already has an account, you should use that email address.

Is there a way to move photos between different channels?

Not currently. But we plan to add this feature soon!

How do you upload the photos?

There are several ways to upload.

  • Use the desktop or mobile browser to directly upload
  • Connect a Facebook Album or an Instagram Account
  • Use the iOS mobile app to upload

Also, by using the iOS share extension feature, you can select photos in your mobile photo album and directly upload to your Orb Central channels without launching the mobile app.
You can use different methods for each of the channel.

What is Smart share?

You can connect your Facebook Album or Instagram account to a channel. After that, new photos uploaded to those accounts will be relfected in the Hale Orb channels as well.

Can I connenct to my social account to share photos?

By using our "Smart Share" feature, you can connect your Facebook Album or Instagram account to a channel. After that, new photos uploaded to those accounts will be relfected in the Hale Orb channels as well.

Can I share just selected photos in a Facebook Album or an Instagram account?

For Facebook Album, the whole album will be shared when using the Smart Share feature. In this case both existing photos and photos that will be newly added are shared (copied) until you disconnect the album. For Instagram, all the newly uploaded photos (but not the existing ones) in the connected account will be shared. However, you can set it so that photos are shared only when certain hashtags (ie. #family) are included with that photo.

When you connect a Facebook or Instagram account, do you make copies of the photo?

Currently we make copies of the photos and bring them to our server. We also plan to add features where you are viewing content on outside servers.

Can multiple people upload photos?

Yes, Orb Central is designed to allow different family members in remote places to share and enjoy photos together.

Is there a limit for the photo storage?

There is no upper limit to the storage capacity for photos currently. We may, however, limit the number of images that can be uploaded in a given time frame.

How do you upload with the Orb?

The Orb is for viewing mainly and you must use a mobile phone or a desktop computer, together an Orb Central account to share photos.

I am interested in getting multiple Orbs for my family. Is that possible?

You can manage multiple Orbs in several ways. Please see this page.


The TV screen stays on the “Please Charge your Orb” screen and doesn’t seem to change.

Let's check things one at a time.

  1. Is the charger pad in placed in a correct position? The upper side and bottom side are hard to tell. The engravings should be on the bottom.
  2. There should be a green LED light on the charger pad when connected. When the Orb is placed on the charger pad, that light should turn pale blue.
  3. The Orb itself will start glowing blue once it is placed on the charger pad. This meanns it is trying to find a stick to connect to.
  4. Let the Orb be charged for a few minutes, but it doesn't need to be charged for hours for this step.
  5. The Orb and charger pad shouldn't be too far away from the stick/TV at this point.
  6. At this point, the Orb should automatically connect to the stick, the blue glow should go away, and the TV screen will change.

If the above does not happen, please read the following:

  • Does the Orb glow in different colors? (ie red, green, white as you press on it). If so, you need to place the Orb on the charger and then press down and hold for more than 5 seconds. It should start to glow blue.
  • Is there a chance that the Orb has already connected to another stick? Once the Orb is paired with a stick, that 1 to 1 relationship stays.
  • Try resetting the stick by unplugging and plugging the USB power cable.

If none of these work, then please

After I set up the Orb, I can't login to Orb Central.

The email confirmation sent to you when creating a new account should direct you to and you can always type this URL directly and bookmark it.